Professionally, I specialize in RF System Design particularly of Inbuilding Distributed Antenna Systems (via base station driven, off-air repeater, and fibre optic implementations among countless other proprietary systems) as well as Outdoor Macrocells (RF cellular design upon rooftop, monopole, self support, water towers, and other architectural structures).

I have spent much of my subsequent years after graduation working for a large wireless carrier in the new site build capacity where we were the primary RF group responsible for the design and implementation of new cellular sites nationally across Canada. Within this capacity, I defined search candidates, reviewed sites on basis of RF qualifications, performed RF coverage/capacity simulations and analysis, designed new cellular sites, provisioned/budgeted/ordered equipment, researched new inbuilding solutions, participated on-site client meetings and super site visits, and integrated/commissioned/troubleshot new sites in real-time. I also participated in numerous large projects including the WCDMA/HSPA overlay of GSM radio network elements. At last, I took a leap of faith and decided to become an independent contractor for a change of pace.  You can find me on Linkedin!

(Un)professionally, I am a freelance Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and Photographer based in Canada/United States!

I obtained my B.A.Sc. (Honours) Computer Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo with an International Studies in Engineering option. Throughout the years, I have also received exposure to project management and have accumulated a variety of work experience from sales to software development — the latter of which has led me to seek freelance opportunities.

I have two passions in life and that is of art and engineering. In my mind, art can be expressed in a variety of ways but I believe that at its fundamental core, it is a carrier for communication — to invoke an emotion, to tell a story, to make a statement. What interests me is how to breakdown art into its technical constituents to understand how art is able to deliver the message; that is, how to precisely control an art form to achieve your desired results or target a specific audience. From the lines dictating the layout of this page to the various shades of colour, the road to mastery is to understand how to push and pull an art form to deliver your message. Some people can exert this mastery through music; however, I found my strengths through visual design.

I also have a fascination with electrical and mechanical things and the creative process involved in making something tangible and which serves a function to enhance life or solve some of humanity’s problems. Thus, the world of engineering has always fascinated me for its underlying philosophy of problem solving and technology for the betterment of people. The discipline provides the tools to facilitate the construction of objects tangible or otherwise of which can be totally cognitive in solving problems with the management of information.

Where art, in my mind, is the discipline for communication, engineering provides the means for transmission. The combination of the two is a prerequisite in tuning a system to address a certain user experience. It is about understanding how people interact with technology and in designing ergonomic systems to meet those demands in a highly precise and deliberate manner. It is about creating a highly focused design that enables a unique user experience.