University of Calgary: Formula SAE Design Team (

Formula SAE ( is an international competition that challenges students to design and manufacture a single-seat, open-wheel style race car (akin to a miniature formula one race car) which attracts over 250 universities, making it the largest and one of the most prestigious student design competitions in the world.

The goal of this project was to enhance the existing web site by establishing an online community and focusing viewer attention to sponsorship activity and procedure. Secondary objectives were to make the site low maintenance, easy to update, and aesthetically timeless keeping in mind of the ever changing nature of the team management and to ensure general consistency from term to term. As an added bonus, we were awarded a prominent placement of our company logo upon the carbon fiber body of the race car.

These objectives were achieved through a number of techniques. The overall look and feel was revamped which includes thematic elements derived from the team. Navigation throughout the site was simplified by implementing a common navigation bar at the top of the screen. Style sheets were extensively used to unify the look and feel of the site. Images and other difficult and time consuming technical elements were significantly reduced. Content management was streamlined via an external web blogging system which enabled future content administrators to make changes to the site without programming knowledge.

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