Inbuilding RF System Design, Off-Air Repeater, GSM/WCDMA/HSPA 850/1900MHz Service

Inbuilding RF solutions provide targeted coverage and capacity relief to specific areas which otherwise cannot be covered by the outdoor macro network. I have worked on numerous high-profile inbuilding solutions, one of which is documented below. I was the prime RF designer for this project from start to finish. This project had undergone accelerated build to meet an event deadline and was commissioned within one month of project initiation. A very brief overview of the project is abstracted below for your perusal. Please note that project identifiers have been changed and this abstract gives a glimpse of the extent of my activities.

XYZ Coliseum is a large indoor stadium in Ontario, Canada. Project requirements were to improve inbuilding coverage before ABC event being held over the period of Mar 3rd to 11th, 2007. The project was initiated on February 8th, 2007 which left very little time for construction. Kick-off meeting was held on site with RF Engineering, represented by myself, along with Civil Engineering, Optimization, Sales, and Client to address the scope of work and possible methods for implementation. Based on discussion from the site visit and RSSI measurements, I performed an extensive RF study of the macro network and analyzed the link budget and pathloss for proper positioning of antennas. I designed the coupling and layout plan. Design margin was also accounted for in case of changes to the scope of work. I had specified the equipment costs as part of the project budget and had submitted to Planning and management for approval. At this stage, the project was evaluated for its business case.

The project was later approved and funding was allocated. I created the final RF system design and specified the component selection, donor/coverage antenna placement, coupling schematic, and layout plan. The link budget and isolation requirements were also calculated to account for increases to channel capacity of the macro network and for isolation from other wireless carriers in the immediate vicinity. Safety compliance was also reviewed. A bid walk with various contractors was initiated by Civil engineering based on the RF system design. Equipment engineering was consulted for inventory of parts and missing parts were ordered. Construction eventually finished and I remotely monitored and validated radio performance with Optimization who conducted the on-site walk-through of the facilities. Based on the RF commissioning document, which outlines all expected performance metrics, the system had passed all functional requirements and was accepted. The project is completed and currently in-service.

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