Flockingducks (fducks.com)

Flockingducks (http://fducks.com) is a social network which my partner, Yen Pin Hsiao, and I had created. The service keeps track of your contacts (so you don’t have to). With the ever changing nature of our contact list be it phone numbers, emails, and myriad of other networks, the aim of the service is to consolidate all of the bits of information and synchronize your gadgets in the end.

This project was a labour of love. I recall the days when we sat in William’s coffee shop just on the outskirts of campus, penning out our ideas right after we finished our final semester of university. It was a tremendous effort between the both of us in planning and building the website with everything crafted from scratch and which ultimately took about a year (on a part-time basis) from concept to launch. Till this day, the website is still a testament of the slick craftsmanship and of our creativity.

The site uses javascript extensively for rapid navigation. Almost all of the content is pushed initially to the client browser and the various tabs manipulate and filter the view. The site also uses a form of distributed database to handle site traffic.

The overall look and feel is designed to appear fun and functional with a slight austere, sterile look to draw focus at the contact information. A source of inspiration is that of airplane baggage stickers and boarding passes; that is, to invoke a sense of adventure within the viewer.

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