True Vision Ghana ( was one of those web projects that engaged me at a personal level. I built the website and graphics. The underlying objective of the organization is something that I believe in and it is with great hope that the organization achieves its goals — and what better way to contribute to its endeavour than by helping with its web exposure. I tried to capture the essence of Ghana through the use of warm tones and attempted a more down to earth appearance through use of photographs throughout the site — not just any photographs but those that are not processed in any way or with any kind of commercial undertones — to simply tell the situation as it is. Hopefully, this will connect with its viewers and that they feel that their donations have made a real difference.

True Vision Ghana (

Formula SAE ( is an international competition that challenges students to design and manufacture a single-seat, open-wheel style race car (akin to a miniature formula one race car) which attracts over 250 universities, making it the largest and one of the most prestigious student design competitions in the world.

The goal of this project was to enhance the existing web site by establishing an online community and focusing viewer attention to sponsorship activity and procedure. Secondary objectives were to make the site low maintenance, easy to update, and aesthetically timeless keeping in mind of the ever changing nature of the team management and to ensure general consistency from term to term. As an added bonus, we were awarded a prominent placement of our company logo upon the carbon fiber body of the race car.

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University of Calgary: Formula SAE Design Team (

Time lapsed snapshots of this site in the making. Much of development was spent on planning and on deciding upon a set of proportions for the various columns of the page. I wanted a site that could be viewed easily on most display resolutions and common browser sizes. At last, I found a happy medium, although erring towards the conservative, in displaying the content.

Evolution of in Seven Steps

After a lot of work and tweaking, I managed to finish writing my slideshow function. An example of the slideshow function (along with pictures from my trip to Santa Cruz, California) is shown below:

The slideshow function uses a combination of existing lightbox and cyclic apis plus my own custom javascript enhancements. I wanted a slideshow feature that would integrate well with the aesthetics of the page and be unobtrusive. None of the existing slideshows that I could find really appealed to me and were either too gaudy and cumbersome or visually too unique for my taste.. So I put together something of my own. Enjoy!

Javascript Slideshow Function Completed

The projects listed under this section (and it is a growing list when I find the time to update this section!) give a general overview of my work. However, it does not form a complete picture of all the various projects that I have been a part of. It would take simply too much time to filter through all of the various projects. Therefore, I have selected those projects that I thought were simple enough to be shared in ‘bite-size‘ without discussing all of the design details. Itadakimasu! Bon Appetite!

One of many site visits on a cold and windy rooftop in Toronto, Canada

RF System Design Overview

The objective of this project was to build a new cellular tower to enhance indoor/outdoor coverage and to alleviate traffic by introducing new 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz carriers to the area thereby improving capacity and to provide new high speed data services. As always, the project identifiers in this posting have been censored and this abstract serves simply to give a very brief overview of my involvement. I was designated the prime RF designer for this project from start to finish.

The area of concern resided in the downtown core where customer complaints were generated. Based on drive test data and computer simulation of the radio environment, I had devised the search ring for a new cellular site candidate. The leasing specialist was delegated to the project to find a candidate within the parameters of the search ring. Consequently, there were numerous locations found but had deviated away from the search ring. Further computer simulation of alternate locations were performed and compromises were documented and presented to Planning for concurrence.

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New Three-Sectored GSM/WCDMA/HSPA/WiMax 850/1900/2500MHz Macrocell RF System Design

In the pursuit for greater call clarity, echo cancelers have been the center of recent development, and have now become highly sophisticated transmission equipment at the heart of highly complex networks. Effective implementation of echo cancellation across the network holds the key to improving call quality and ultimately, strengthen customer satisfaction, boost revenues, and reduce subscriber churn.

Powerpoint Presentation

Echo Cancellation: A Study of Hybrid and Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Thought I would share some of this site’s origins as I personally find it fascinating to glimpse into the creative process of how things are built. Much of the work was spent on planning. I have always wanted to create some sort of repository to showcase my thoughts, projects, and artistic works but never quite wrapped my mind around how all of these things would come together. At the same time, I wanted a site that would continually feel fresh with minimal effort. I have also wondered whether this site would cater to my professional side of life or be used to connect with friends. Either audience would dictate a very different presentation.

What you see directly in front of you has been a cumulation of past computing experience (and a labour of love!). However, arriving at what turned into a monolith beast of a personal project hasn’t been without trial and error. The first iteration of was aptly named The Perpetual Machine as it was designed to maintain itself through scouring of feeds. It provided a one-stop destination where friends could easily find me as I was moving around frequently at that time and required zero maintenance. It also aggregated all of my social utilities but in a flaky sort of way. At last, the web has changed and with the myriad of free web services available that offer the same functionality without any programming knowledge, the former site had lost its relevance. It also did not solve the problem with showcasing my various projects.

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The ‘Making Of’ this Site

The purpose of this project was to explore the digital design process through VHDL and the implementation of a high performance, 16-instruction, 16-bit, microprocessor called the TOY CPU on an APEX 20K200EFC484-2X FPGA. The goal for this design was to maximize operating frequency while minimizing the total number of logic elements and clock cycles.

E&CE427 Project

16-instruction 16-bit High Performance Microprocessor Design