Prior to applying to business school, I took a stab at the prestigious MIT Media Labs – my dream school reminiscent of where all the X-Men collaborate along with Professor Xavier in doing great things and which provided an avenue to hone one’s skills in an effort to change the world. At last, I was not an X-Man but the process was an enlightening one.

In brief, before Internet of Things became all the rage and the term coined, I’ve always thought that near limitless bandwidth was an inevitability and that we would be limited merely by imagination constraining our abilities to exploit such medium. I foresee the network behaving like a global nervous system. There are widespread sensors acting like inputs that span across cities while the output mechanisms improve our effectiveness as a community, from optimizing traffic lights in real-time to rapidly monitoring the spread of diseases. We will also benefit from more vivid long distance communication possibly harnessing physical media to establish a greater sense of connection. The world can be viewed as it happens, in real-time, in extreme detail.


MIT Media Labs Grad Application


This is a test post before I get back into the swing of things.

First post after a very long hiatus..

Yet another random post moment. The embedded video clip above is of Tokyo as shot through a kaleidoscope. Its effect is hypnotic (and somewhat nauseating) but definitely a trip on the wild side.

Tokyo as Shot Through a Kaleidoscope

My living room has graced all kinds of speakers throughout the years ranging in price and size. I appreciate speakers not only of its functional merits but rather speakers behaving as instruments, like a guitar, each with its own character. One pair that I recently purchased was the JBL B15 / Arena 120 . What caught my eye were its utilitarian design, wave-guide, and sealed enclosure which are a rarity these days as speakers tend to chase after specifications, like frequency response, at the expense of transient performance, stereo focus, and dynamism which aren’t characterized simply by a few numerical values or easily interpreted by the layman. With frequency response being a significant driving force in sales literature, most speakers are ported by nature to hit the lower registers but, on an auditory level, sound boomy and undefined in my opinion. Anyway, long story short, here is my first ever youtube review (and perhaps the first of many to come): JBL B15 / Arena 120 Review. Part of creating this channel is my way of learning about the behaviour of search engines and ranking algorithms. Here’s the link to the channel itself: My Youtube Channel!

JBL B15 / Arena 120 Review

This brings a tear to my eye. Truly an incredible feat of engineering.

Asimo Upgraded

There is no denying that there are tremendous business opportunities waiting to be tapped in developing nations.  One would think that they have become a repository of technological hand-me-downs akin to a vintage outlet of worn clothing.  Technology has advanced rapidly and one must wonder how such nations are able to keep up with the pack when they are presented with their own fundamental problems — therein lies some creative solutions.

Behold Zeebo, the true next generation entertainment platform where digital distribution isn’t a choice but a requirement and is one of which makes a tremendous amount of sense.

Digital content such as video games is downloaded via the wireless cellular network to the device.  Why does this make so much sense?  First, wireline infrastructure is either unavailable or a convoluted and costly system for the local provider to not only develop but let alone expand and maintain.  Second, the logistics of physical content distribution is difficult to deploy and monitor without an extremely tight knit and wide network of outlets and resellers which makes even more sense for digital distribution.  Third, contrary to today’s emphasis on high definition presentation, the gaming experience can still be enjoyed regardless.  

All of this equates to wireless distribution; in fact, potentially more impressive in scale to what is currently experienced in some presumably more technologically advanced nations.  This will also put the wireless data network to the test and the engineering experience gained from such a project will truly be enlightening to the wireless industry assuming, of course, that Zeebo sells reasonably well (which at its current price point is hard to say, but that’s an entirely different story).

Zeebo – The true next generation entertainment platform

I remember Twitter kicking around from way back. I remember when there were just very few entries in a directory of Web2.0 sites where it was (and still is) marked as a prime example for what a Web2.0 site should be — simple, fast, and communal. Since then, I didn’t given the site much thought. I registered, spent a few minutes mucking around, and then left. For whatever reason, it is all over the news these days and seems to be rapidly gathering momentum. I almost sense as though Facebook is threatened by all the hype with a revamped front page and focus upon quick user updates.

But atlast, a social network is only as good as the network of which the user finds interesting and relevant — and for me, doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s one of those situations where there aren’t enough people — friends and family in particular — that use it and which update frequently enough for me to care. Of course, you can always follow the random schmuck but because there really isn’t any kind of pre-existing connection between myself and the schmuck or the schmuck doesn’t really say anything interesting (really, we’re flooded with information these days and there is just so much time in the day to read about everything), that I really don’t care.

With the network being apathetic to updates, the system has lost its relevance. I think what is missing are techno-savvy, always-connected, rabid, and relevant connections. But with all that is happening around me and life being busy as it is where there is an increasing demand for us to process information in our daily lives, in our jobs, etc.. I think there may be a backlash and apathy towards staying connected but rather we tend to step back and be human for once, go for a jog, and simply forget. So, Twitter, another passing fad?

What’s the big deal with Twitter these days?

As much as I want to update this site, I have been absolutely swamped with work since the new year.  There are a few other surprises cooking in the background but which will take me some time to add the finishing touches before announcing them with a bang! 

The only problem is not having enough time (or energy) in my day to really chip away at some of this stuff.  And it doesn’t help that I recently purchased a PSP and also getting hooked to the game “Everyday Shooter” in the process.  Hopefully, when work settles down a bit and turns into a more predictable routine, I will find the time to do some serious damage to my personal to-do list! 

Alive but not quite kicking!

Thought I would share some of this site’s origins as I personally find it fascinating to glimpse into the creative process of how things are built. Much of the work was spent on planning. I have always wanted to create some sort of repository to showcase my thoughts, projects, and artistic works but never quite wrapped my mind around how all of these things would come together. At the same time, I wanted a site that would continually feel fresh with minimal effort. I have also wondered whether this site would cater to my professional side of life or be used to connect with friends. Either audience would dictate a very different presentation.

What you see directly in front of you has been a cumulation of past computing experience (and a labour of love!). However, arriving at what turned into a monolith beast of a personal project hasn’t been without trial and error. The first iteration of was aptly named The Perpetual Machine as it was designed to maintain itself through scouring of feeds. It provided a one-stop destination where friends could easily find me as I was moving around frequently at that time and required zero maintenance. It also aggregated all of my social utilities but in a flaky sort of way. At last, the web has changed and with the myriad of free web services available that offer the same functionality without any programming knowledge, the former site had lost its relevance. It also did not solve the problem with showcasing my various projects.

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The ‘Making Of’ this Site

It has been a whirlwind of activities these past few weeks and which ultimately delayed my original launch schedule for this site.  I recently accepted a job offer in California and thus had to uproot my life in just a matter of weeks.  It was an offer that I couldn’t resist but which required me to pack my bags and move ASAP.  I was whisked away from my previous fulltime job and granted that this would be my first ever placement stateside, there were simply a million little things that had to be wrapped up before jetting over there.

Fast forward three weeks later and now, being somewhat settled, can revert back to my daily routine in my quest for absolute world domination (mwuahahah).  Actually, my views on the purpose for the very existence of this site has changed.  Perhaps I should just blog about my experiences as being a Canadian expat working in the states and shed some insight for other prospective individuals thinking of the same thing.

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