Prior to applying to business school, I took a stab at the prestigious MIT Media Labs. Although it didn’t work out, the process was an enlightening one. In brief, before Internet of Things became all the rage and the term coined, I’ve always thought that near limitless bandwidth was an inevitability and that we would be limited merely by imagination constraining our abilities to exploit such medium. I foresee the network behaving like a global nervous system. There are widespread sensors acting like inputs that span across cities while the output mechanisms improve our effectiveness as a community, from optimizing traffic lights in real-time to rapidly monitoring the spread of diseases. We will also benefit from more vivid long distance communication possibly harnessing physical media to establish a greater sense of connection. The world can be viewed as it happens, in real-time, in extreme detail.


MIT Media Labs Grad Application


This is a test post before I get back into the swing of things.

First post after a very long hiatus..

Thought I would share some of this site’s origins as I personally find it fascinating to glimpse into the creative process of how things are built. Much of the work was spent on planning. I have always wanted to create some sort of repository to showcase my thoughts, projects, and artistic works but never quite wrapped my mind around how all of these things would come together. At the same time, I wanted a site that would continually feel fresh with minimal effort. I have also wondered whether this site would cater to my professional side of life or be used to connect with friends. Either audience would dictate a very different presentation.

What you see directly in front of you has been a cumulation of past computing experience (and a labour of love!). However, arriving at what turned into a monolith beast of a personal project hasn’t been without trial and error. The first iteration of was aptly named The Perpetual Machine as it was designed to maintain itself through scouring of feeds. It provided a one-stop destination where friends could easily find me as I was moving around frequently at that time and required zero maintenance. It also aggregated all of my social utilities but in a flaky sort of way. At last, the web has changed and with the myriad of free web services available that offer the same functionality without any programming knowledge, the former site had lost its relevance. It also did not solve the problem with showcasing my various projects.

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The ‘Making Of’ this Site

Welcome to my new website!  If you are reading this, you have been fortunate enough to stumble across a very early version of this site as it has yet to be populated with content and is still missing some functionality.  However, rest assured there will be more to come in the following days… weeks as I gradually bulk load all of the content.  As for now, this will mainly serve as a temporary front for my services.

Big things are coming!

Photo captured with my Leica M3 / Summicron 50mm / Ilford B&W Film

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