Prior to applying to business school, I took a stab at the prestigious MIT Media Labs. Although it didn’t work out, the process was an enlightening one. In brief, before Internet of Things became all the rage and the term coined, I’ve always thought that near limitless bandwidth was an inevitability and that we would be limited merely by imagination constraining our abilities to exploit such medium. I foresee the network behaving like a global nervous system. There are widespread sensors acting like inputs that span across cities while the output mechanisms improve our effectiveness as a community, from optimizing traffic lights in real-time to rapidly monitoring the spread of diseases. We will also benefit from more vivid long distance communication possibly harnessing physical media to establish a greater sense of connection. The world can be viewed as it happens, in real-time, in extreme detail.


MIT Media Labs Grad Application

L1007112 (1)

Playful experimental musings dealing with light and composition.  The sharp geometric lines give volume and perspective.



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