Assorted pics taken during my trip to London.

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I have an infatuation for web widgets — simple concepts, somewhat experimental, but loads of fun. Shown above is something I pulled off Uniqlo. It gives a glimpse into another side of the world. The tilt-shift diorama-like effect gives you that godly omniscient sense.

Window to the World: UNIQLO Calendar

Excerpt of the many photos taken from my trip to Paris recorded on film.

Overlooking Seine river at the Eiffel tower.

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Assorted photos taken with my Leica M3 during my stint in San Francisco.

The Mission/Castro district is a vibrant community just on the outskirts of downtown. The area is known for its colourful murals adorning the walls of buildings, alleyways, etc.

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San Francisco

Flockingducks ( is a social network which my partner, Yen Pin Hsiao, and I had created. The service keeps track of your contacts (so you don’t have to). With the ever changing nature of our contact list be it phone numbers, emails, and myriad of other networks, the aim of the service is to consolidate all of the bits of information and synchronize your gadgets in the end.

This project was a labour of love. I recall the days when we sat in William’s coffee shop just on the outskirts of campus, penning out our ideas right after we finished our final semester of university. It was a tremendous effort between the both of us in planning and building the website with everything crafted from scratch and which ultimately took about a year (on a part-time basis) from concept to launch. Till this day, the website is still a testament of the slick craftsmanship and of our creativity.

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Flockingducks (

Yet another random post moment. The embedded video clip above is of Tokyo as shot through a kaleidoscope. Its effect is hypnotic (and somewhat nauseating) but definitely a trip on the wild side.

Tokyo as Shot Through a Kaleidoscope

Snippet from an ongoing work in progress. Wrecking my brain trying to create a logo that communicates the vision of the company without being overly loud or flamboyant. Something everlasting. Hmm.

Eco-Opportunity ( Logo Revision

I love ads with simple concepts — short, sweet, and gets the point across. The Playstation store is an online market place for digital content that you can download with your PS3 or PSP.

Playstation Store Commerical

True Vision Ghana ( was one of those web projects that engaged me at a personal level. I built the website and graphics. The underlying objective of the organization is something that I believe in and it is with great hope that the organization achieves its goals — and what better way to contribute to its endeavour than by helping with its web exposure. I tried to capture the essence of Ghana through the use of warm tones and attempted a more down to earth appearance through use of photographs throughout the site — not just any photographs but those that are not processed in any way or with any kind of commercial undertones — to simply tell the situation as it is. Hopefully, this will connect with its viewers and that they feel that their donations have made a real difference.

True Vision Ghana (

This brings a tear to my eye. Truly an incredible feat of engineering.

Asimo Upgraded